The Mountain pose or Tadasana is a great beginner asana to try.  Think of yourself as standing up straight and tall, like a mountain, when doing the pose.  It is ideal for improving your posture and is often used as a starting position for other standing poses.

Benefits of the Mountain Pose

Although it is simple to do, the Mountain pose has many benefits.  While you may feel like you are ‘standing’, the body and muscles are still working and strengthening the body.

The following are the main benefits of the Mountain pose:

  • Posture improvement
  • Strengthening of ankles, knees and thighs
  • Firming of abdomen and buttocks
  • Sciatica relief
  • Reduces flat feet

Let’s take a look at how to do this asana.


Mountain Pose Video



Mountain Pose Instructions

  • Begin standing with your feet together, toes touching, heels slightly apart.
  • Press out through all 10 toes and both heels.  Energize the thighs, the quads and the bum.
  • Lengthen the tailbone down.
  • Lift up through the top of the chest as you soften the shoulders down.
  • Turning your palms forward reach fingertips down to the mat as you reach the top of your head up towards the ceiling.

Throughout the pose, be mindful of the different parts of your body and breathe easily.  The Mountain pose can be done as pose in its own right by holding the position for up to 1 minute.

To check if you are holding the pose properly, try it against a wall.  Your ankles, lower back and shoulder blades should be touching the wall, nothing else (in particular the back of your head).

If your balance is not great to start with, move your feet apart slightly.  With time it will improve as you master the pose.