So, it’s time for your first yoga class. You are ready to go and ready to get started on the stretches and stress relief you have been told so much about.

The trick is knowing what to bring to your first class. If you don’t know what is expected or allowed, here is a list of gear you should bring to your first yoga class.

Yoga Mat

The first thing you will want to bring to your first yoga class is a yoga mat. This can be any style of yoga mat and any thickness.

The idea is that it should be long enough for your full body. This is important because when you do a pose like corpse pose you want to be on the mat and not on the floor.

Keep in mind, some studios may have yoga mats for rent. But, the rentals are unlikely to be as good as one that you are comfortable with and used to.

You can buy a beginners mat for around $20 from most health stores and fitness areas or here.

Water Bottle

While a water bottle might seem obvious, you need to think about the type of bottle you bring. You don’t want water spilling anywhere you are trying to do your yoga.

A spill proof bottle with a flip top lid that allows you to keep the water inside the bottle unless drinking is ideal.

You also want to consider a condensation free water bottle. This is to keep the floor from getting damp or wet and causing someone to slip and injure themselves.

Yoga Strap and Block

If you use a yoga block or strap to help you with your bends and stretches you will want to bring these with you to the class. Keep them close but not so they interfere with the class.

Before you buy these though, ask your instructor if some are available to try before buying. Not everyone needs these so it is best to trial them first.

Yoga Mat Bag and Towel Set

To make things easier, a yoga bag and towel set is handy. The bag can be used to store your yoga mat and keep it safe after class.

The towel is to help with the obvious sweat you will have from the class. If you are practicing hot yoga, then you will need the special hot yoga towels to help you through the workout.


This is the basic gear to get you started for your first yoga class. Keep in mind, you can add more to your yoga kit or take something out as you get more experience.

The key is to have what you need for your practice and what your class allows. You will also find, as you move through different yoga styles, that there may be gear for one type of yoga and not for another.

Be flexible on your yoga gear and know that it is about you and your personal preference.