What is Hatha Yoga and Who Will Love ItIf you have been considering starting a yoga routine, you may know there are several types of yoga. Some are ancient, some are modern and each has different approaches.

Hatha yoga is the first yoga, developed more than 5,000 years ago, and the source of all other yogas. It is an ancient yoga that works on both breathing techniques and the flow of the movements.

It focuses on perfecting yoga poses through effort, concentration and meditation. Hatha is great for beginners and appeals to many people for a variety of reasons.

Below is an overviews of the basics of Hatha yoga and a few quick facts to get your started.

Hatha Technique

The first thing to understand about Hatha yoga is that it is a gentle form of yoga. Because of this, it is the ideal yoga practice for someone new to the world of yoga.

Hatha yoga uses slow, gentle movements and allows you to learn different breathing techniques. As you master each one, you can move into more complex and intense yoga styles.

Most people think of the poses when they think of yoga and believe you need to be as bendy as a rubber band. But this isn’t the case.

There are thousands of poses in Hatha yoga. This allows people of any age and physical ability to take part. Anyone will find dozens of asanas that they can do, and above all, will enjoy.

Hatha Movements

Most of the Hatha yoga movements you see are ones used in other yoga traditions. The difference with Hatha is that the movements connect.

They flow from one to the other instead of breaking up with a small break and movement in between. This is ideal if you are looking for a set routine that you can memorize and use while you are at home or on the go.


In some other traditions, you can learn the movements and poses, but they may not join. In Hatha, they do join and can move as a flow.

Hatha Classes

If you plan on going to Hatha yoga classes there are a few things you should expect. It is a low energy and quiet environment in most cases.

This is ideal for someone who wants a stress free environment where they can concentrate on the yoga and not on the world around them. Think of it like a mini-vacation from all the stress of your day.

You could also have an instructor that moves around the room and helps you with your poses. This is a hands on but silent meditation class. It is peaceful and the flow of the class moves with the flow of the poses.

Hatha yoga classes are usually organized by level, so you can start slowly with the basics. From there, you can gradually learn more and more poses.

Since it is the most popular and common form of yoga, there are bound to be several studios in your area to choose from. Try an introductory class (usually free for first time students), and see if it is right for you.


Hatha is a peaceful, gentle form of yoga.  And if this is the type of yoga you are after, you will love it!

If you want to focus on a yoga routine to help reduce stress through meditation and mindful breathing, Hatha is for you. It is also ideal if you are just beginning or have been struggling with health issues.

Give it a try and you will quickly see an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing.