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Author: Beth

4 Of The Easiest Hatha Yoga Poses For Beginners

When you first start out in yoga, you may find that some of the poses are not that easy for you to do. It may be that you are straining a bit or just aren’t able to complete the pose properly. This can also happen when you switch yoga styles. If you are currently having this problem, here are some Hatha yoga poses for beginners. These are a great starting point, are easy to do and add into your normal routine. Standing Forward Bend The standing forward bend is one of the easiest Hatha yoga poses for beginners. You...

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What Is Hatha Yoga and Who Will Love It?

If you have been considering starting a yoga routine, you may know there are several types of yoga. Some are ancient, some are modern and each has different approaches. Hatha yoga is the first yoga, developed more than 5,000 years ago, and the source of all other yogas. It is an ancient yoga that works on both breathing techniques and the flow of the movements. It focuses on perfecting yoga poses through effort, concentration and meditation. Hatha is great for beginners and appeals to many people for a variety of reasons. Below is an overviews of the basics of...

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Your First Yoga Class: What You Need To Take

So, it’s time for your first yoga class. You are ready to go and ready to get started on the stretches and stress relief you have been told so much about. The trick is knowing what to bring to your first class. If you don’t know what is expected or allowed, here is a list of gear you should bring to your first yoga class. Yoga Mat The first thing you will want to bring to your first yoga class is a yoga mat. This can be any style of yoga mat and any thickness. The idea is that it...

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13 Useful Yoga Tips For Beginners To Get Great Results

  Do you currently lead a life that doesn’t get you as active as you’d like to be? Are you sitting during the day a lot? Do you also sit on the way to work either in your car or on transport? We all know that being active is important and lack of movement is not good for your body. But it’s not always possible to get in extra activity around our day to day life. Also, many of us don’t want to be pounding away for hours in the gym, on the treadmill or around the streets. If...

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