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Author: Beth

How to Start Doing Yoga at Home and What You Need

  Starting yoga at home is easy and you only need a few basics to get started. First up, you will need to decide on a yoga routine to try (the Sun Salutation is a great place to start). Videos and DVD’s played from your computer are great for this and easy to access from home. After that, the most important thing you’ll need is comfortable clothes – not too tight, not too baggy. You want to be able to move freely without your clothes getting in the way. Once you have a routine in mind and are dressed...

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How To Do A Sun Salutation [Video]

  The Sun Salutation is the most widely known yoga sequence and has been performed for thousands of years. Even those who don’t practice yoga are usually familiar with and tried it at some stage. As the name suggest, the Sun Salutation is an ideal way to greet the day.  It is performed all over the world at sunrise through many, many repetitions. By itself, the Sun Salutation is a complete exercise.  This makes it ideal not only as part of a yoga sequence, but as a warm-up and cool-down exercise for any physical activity. Benefits of the Sun...

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Mountain Pose: Video & Instructions

  The Mountain pose or Tadasana is a great beginner asana to try.  Think of yourself as standing up straight and tall, like a mountain, when doing the pose.  It is ideal for improving your posture and is often used as a starting position for other standing poses. Benefits of the Mountain Pose Although it is simple to do, the Mountain pose has many benefits.  While you may feel like you are ‘standing’, the body and muscles are still working and strengthening the body. The following are the main benefits of the Mountain pose: Posture improvement Strengthening of ankles,...

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Hatha Yoga Versus Ashtanga Yoga

There are many different types of yoga out there and for some beginners it will be difficult to know where to start. It can be overwhelming at first and all the different types can seem confusing. Here we will discuss the benefits of the broader Hatha yoga versus the more intense Ashtanga yoga. Hatha Yoga Hatha yoga is a general term that includes the practices of yoga poses (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayamas). It encompasses all yoga styles that teach physical postures and almost all beginner classes of yoga advertised in the West will be of the Hatha variety....

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Yoga For Health: 10 Reasons Why It’s Worth It [Infographic]

  The benefits of using yoga for health are many.  In fact, there are very few systems or parts of the body that won’t benefit from practicing yoga. It will help your health both physically and mentally, helping you to become stronger, calmer and healthier.  Below is an infographic that highlights 10 good health reasons to get started with yoga today.     Yoga for Health: 10 Reasons Why It’s Worth It  Scientific research shows that only 8 weeks of yoga can improve concentration and motivation. Improves blood circulation to the brain improving focus and memory skills. Greatly reduces stress...

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